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  • Alkaline/Carbon Zinc Batteries
  • Rechargeable Batteries

Ferrites / EMC components

  • Ferrite cores(for switching power supplies / for coil / for EMI suppression)
  • EMI suppression products

Power inductors/Transformers/Coils

  • Multi-layer Power inductors
  • Transformers/Choke coils/Noise suppression coils

Power systems

  • Switching power supplies
  • DC-DC power modules/DC-DC converter
  • Power Supplies for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting

Piezoceramic Products

  • Piezoelectric products


  • Ultra-thin type beacon device with sensor
  • Logger device with sensor
  • Hybrid modules for Liquid Crystal Display


  • True random number generator IC
    RPG100 / RPG100F

Power storage system

  • iBBU Series DC12V Power supply
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